AvR Consulting is a boutique research organization offering custom research, surveying and advanced analytic services for clients who are looking for more, than one-size-fits-all standardized reports.
We are established in and operating from the Netherlands.


We help our clients and their partners (employees, audience, or business partners) better understand each other; make informed decisions; and build mutually beneficial partnerships.

We help asking the right questions, looking at the right KPIs, and understanding the real storylines of what is happening and what is important.


Turning data into useful information is what we do.
Many of our clients purchase our services when they need something more, than what standard reporting services provide. We always dig deeper – for the hidden insights; we develop new, custom surveys and analytics – when the old ones don’t suffice, and we are looking for the greater context (in which the data will make sense) before providing conclusions.


Trust and honesty are essential for the type of work we do.
Involving a third, independent party, that understands both (or more) sides of a problem, and whom all parties can trust equally has been the path to solutions for millennia of human history.
This is the role we take today – with technology, innovation and knowledge.

We understand that the right decisions require trusted information,
trusted information requires trusted techniques and data, and
trusted data requires a trusted environment to freely express opinion.
Without trust, none of what we do would be possible; and we pride ourselves to have always prioritized maintaining integrity and trust over any other aspect of our work – financial included. (See more)