We are a boutique research and analytics firm, specializing in customized solutions. We prefer to partner with fewer clients, while investing in a better understanding and deeper cooperation – where we can make sure we actually help both our clients and their partners.

Our activities can support organizations on various levels of applied research. Our research projects almost always include a surveying element; with additional information-gathering techniques – if and when needed.

In case you are contemplating whether AvR Consulting would be able to help your projects or your organization; do not hesitate to contact us: sales@avrconsulting.nl.

Research and data-management strategy

We can help our clients build a comprehensive research strategy for a specific field of their operations. This usually includes the following steps:

  • Building an understanding of business or operational needs (gather the questions we seek to answer.
  • Developing related KPIs we seek to track; along with the related data requirements
  • We can (help) set up the required data-gathering techniques (surveys; interviews; other sources of information); and streamline the following data-processing and related reporting.
  • We can also support in the executing and continuous monitoring of this research strategy.

Comprehensive research projects

We can help our clients by designing, building, and executing their projects’ research and monitoring pillars. This may include initial information gathering in the beginning of the project, surveying a potential target audience and collecting external available information. It may also include monitoring of the project success, by designing monitoring KPIs, and executing data gathering, surveys, interviews, additional sources, and help evaluate the project from an independent, external, expert perspective. Such projects may either be contracted by the projects’ executors; or by the funding agencies – to ensure their support is spent along with requirements and maximizing project outcomes.


We can help our clients execute individual survey projects; let it be opinion surveys, feedback surveys, engagement surveys, evaluation surveys, or decision-support surveys.

  • Survey Design: We can rely on our experts to help you review existing questionnaires and/or develop new ones – to ensure we are asking the right questions.
  • Conduct Research: We can use our online surveying capabilities to effectively collect feedback from your audience.
  • Analyze: We can apply advanced analytic techniques, build custom analytic techniques, utlize machine learning or AI solutions and expert feedback to provide actually useful insights and effectively help the ultimate goals of your project.

Advanced Analytics

We can help our clients with advanced analytic techniques, to provide deeper understanding of inner-workings, interrelationships, predictive force of their databases; or answer the questions nobody has thought of or dared ask before.

For these analytics we often develop custom analysis techniques, or apply machine-learning or AI technologies.  This service is most often contracted when data-gathering is taking place on our client’s side; and additional, deeper insights or predictive analytics would appear beneficial to maximize the learning potential of the data gathered. We often help other consulting or research companies build additional insight into their data, improve its predictive force, and provide their clients with a deeper level of service or special value-add.